Questions and Consultations

Have no worries, we shall make you young again. Penile implants don’t need general anesthesia in most cases and can be done under spinal anesthesia. The implant has no effect on hypertension or the heart. You will feel like you are back in 1969.

Don’t worry. Spontaneous erections and normal and happen to everyone. You don’t have to masturbate and you shouldn’t worry about congestion. This will not happen.

My advice is to increase foreplay time before intercourse and to use vaginal lubricants. There are many brands for this problem that can be found in pharmacies.

Greetings, premature ejaculation has a very effective treatment with outstanding results. I would advise to increase foreplay time as well. Visit one of our centers for examination and everything will be all right.

Increased weight and serum lipids do have an effect by limiting blood flow to the penis. Obesity may also be associated with decrease in testosterone levels which controls libido. Losing weight is an effective solution but I would advise paying us a visit to rule out other organic causes.

This is a normal size for a penis and it is adequate for intercourse. You are perfect as you are and remember it is the performance not the size that matters.

It is normal to have periods of dullness in a relationship. Hat’s off for trying to overcome them. Here are some advices. Be playful with touch and words and compliment his sexual prowess. Dress well, smell well and take care of your personal hygiene. Announce your satisfaction during intercourse verbally or using facial expressions.  All will be as it was.

Don’t worry; semen volume per ejaculate is within the range of half a milliliter to 10 milliliter. What you describe is normal and within this range. The volume also changes according to the frequency of sexual activity. The more you ejaculate, the less the volume and vice versa.

Diabetes can cause your condition. It affects vasculature and nerves decreasing blood flow to the penis resulting in dysfunction. But we can easily cure that, don’t worry.

First of all, there is a clinical treatment that is internationally approved. It’s not some pill you take before intercourse; it is a treatment regimen for a period of time, according to the extent of your problem, then you stop it after being treated. 

Second, steer clear of stress, overwhelming workload and agitation. Try to change the routine and do new things. Increase foreplay time and stop for 30 seconds when you feel you are about to orgasm then continue.

There is nothing like that. The adequate period of sex is the time that achieves enjoyment for both parties. It is not clinically calculated.

This is a misconception. All research indicates that any physical activities burn calories and decrease weight. Sex as a physical activity burns around 85 to 100 calories per intercourse.

Don’t worry. It is not supposed to be a straight line. Slight Curvature in various degrees can happen for 10% of males. It’s completely normal as long as there are no accompanying symptoms.

Theoretically, it last for 15 years. Practically it lasts even longer. How high can you count

Implants are not visible clothed and cause no change in appearance. It will not be an embarrassment; you will lift your head up with pride.

First of all, kudos, may your health prosper even more. Secondly, eat more aphrodisiac foods. Eat more Sea food, especially salmon, sardine, and shrimps. Peanuts, strawberries, paprika, avocado, chocolate, bananas and figs are good examples. And of course drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Have no worries, penile implants have no effects on hypertension or diabetes and they have no side effects. You will live your life to the fullest.

My advice is to change things up a bit, break the routine. It doesn’t have to be in bed on a fixed weekly basis. Try it in the shower or the kitchen. You can try the dining room table, providing that you don’t break anything. Surprise her, get her a gift and let her pay you back.

There is nothing to be worried about. It’s natural to be timid and feel difficulty at first. Normal morning erections indicate that there is no organic cause. The problem is psychological. You need to believe in yourself and prep yourself for intercourse as if it was a battle in which you need to be victorious